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The Associate of Arts in Teaching is designed for students who are interested in transferring to a senior institution and completing a Bachelor's degree in Teaching.  This degree will transfer to any four year institution in the state of Arkansas.  Students seeking the A.A.T. gain the foundational knowledge and field experiences needed to work with children in grades kindergarten through sixth.  Students completing this degree will also receive the required general education coursework required of other institutions.  To receive this Associate's degree, students must earn a grade of "C" or better in English Composition I, English Composition II, and Quantitative Reasoning OR College Algebra.

NOTE:  Completing the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree at ANC does not guarantee admission to teacher education programs at four-year receiving institutions.  Students planning to transfer to other colleges and universities should contact the transfer institution in advance regarding degree and admission requirements for transfer into their Bachelor's degree education program.

•  Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) Degree Plan



Program Outcomes:

  • Apply knowledge of child growth and learning and on-site observations to explain how the teacher and environment affect a child's cognitive, affective and physical domains.

  • The student will pick a disability under IDEA and complete a project over the disability complete with resources, activities, strategies and information about that disability.

  • Use field/personal experiences and learned knowledge to construct a philosophy of education paper.




Institutional Learning Outcomes

General education is the broad knowledge, skills, and attitudes that all graduates of ANC should possess.  For the AA Degree, all the general education core courses are approved for inclusion in the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's Course Transfer System (ACTS).  ACTS provides information regarding the guaranteed transfer of courses between Arkansas public colleges and universities and is located on ADHE's website.


ANC's Institutional (general education) Learning Outcomes, approved by the faculty, ANC Cabinet, and Board of Trustees, outlines these specific outcomes achieved by graduates through the completion of any associate's degree.  View the institutional (general education) learning outcomes.




Associate of Arts in Teaching
Minimum Scores Required
  Math English Reading
ACT 15 15 15
Next Gen 236A 235 235





Fall Semester - 15 Credit Hours

EN 12003 English Comp I - 3 credit hours

MA 14123 Quantitative Reasoning OR MA 14043 College Algebra - 3 credit hours

ED 23133 Child Growth and Learning - 3 credit hours

ED 23003 Intro to Teaching - 3 credit hours

ED 23103 Intro to Ed. Tech - 3 credit hours


Spring Semester - 16 Credit Hours

BI 14033 / BI 14041 General Biology/Lab - 4 credit hours

SP 12103 Intro to Communications - 3 credit hours

HI 13003 World Civ To 1600 OR HI 13013 World Civ Since 1600 - 3 credit hours

PO 23003 American National Government - 3 credit hours

MA 24003 Math for Teachers I - 3 credit hours


Fall Semester - 16 Credit Hours

EN 12013 English Comp II - 3 credit hours

PS 14003 / PS 14011 Physical Science/Lab - 4 credit hours

HI 23003 US History to 1876 OR HI 23013 US History Since 1876 - 3 credit hours

MA 24043 Math for Teachers II - 3 credit hours

GE 23003 Intro to Geography - 3 credit hours


Spring Semester - 16 Credit Hours

CH 14133 / CH 14141 Chemistry for Gen Ed/Lab - 4 credit hours

ED 23033 Survey of Exceptional Child - 3 credit hours

AR 22003 Art Appreciation OR MU 22003 Music Appreciation OR SP 22013 Fine Arts Theatre - 3 credit hours

EN 22003 World Literature I OR EN 22013 World Literature II - 3 credit hours

HI 23023 Arkansas History - 3 credit hours



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