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What is the Study Leader Program?

Based on an internationally recognized collaborative learning model, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Study Leader Program offers academic support to students who are enrolled in the ANC focus courses.  The program is facilitated by Study Leaders, who offer Study Sessions to students enrolled in these courses.



Who are the Study Leaders?

Study Leaders are former or current students who have shown outstanding academic ability in the course(s) they lead.  Study Leaders are recommended by your course instructor and trained to hold two or more free Study Sessions per week.  Study Leaders facilitate the Study Sessions by using collaborative learning activities to encourage students to learn while working together in the sessions.  Study Leaders also attend course lectures with you.  Attending lectures allows Study Leaders to experience the course the way that you do, as well as give them insight into what the class is doing so they can plan their Study Sessions accordingly.



What are Study Sessions?

Study Sessions are regularly scheduled group sessions, offered free of charge, and led by a Study Leader.  In the sessions, the Study Leader will help you and your peers review challenging course concepts (i.e. theories, formulas, laws, processes, etc.).  The Study Leader will invite everyone in the session to work together (either in small groups or the group as a whole) to tackle challenging course material.  The best way to get the most out of the Study Session experience is to be a willing participant; after all, the environment of the Study Session encourages students to make mistakes as they discuss the knowns and unknowns of course concepts or materials without any fear of judgment.



Which courses offer Study Sessions?

As the semester persists, courses may be added or removed so providing an exact list of focus classes can be challenging.  Currently, the ANC focus courses are:


  • Accounting I

  • Accounting II

  • Anatomy and Physiology I

  • Anatomy and Physiology II

  • General Biology

  • College Algebra

  • Computer Fundamentals



When are the Study Sessions?

Once sessions are set, the location and time will be posted on the ANC Portal (so check it often).  If you have any questions or to check on whether a course has a Study Leader, please call Takindra Anderson at 870-762-3104.



Why should I attend the Study Sessions?

Students who attend Study Sessions are more likely to pass the course with a 'C' or better.  In the Fall 2014 semester, 61% of the students who attended at least one study session passed their course with a 'C' or better; that number rises to 75% for students who attended eight or more Study Sessions.


Besides getting good grades in a course, the Study Sessions provide a chance for students to enjoy learning in a productive and fun environment.  Each session allows students to work together to come up with ways to understand difficult course material and formulate a method of how to process and learn the material at a much deeper level than simple memorization.



If I participate in a Study Session, what should I expect?

You should EXPECT to:

  • Be Engaged in a fun and challenging group environment, where mistakes are a part of learning and you have the support of the Study Leader and your peers to help you to overcome the challenges.

  • Participate in the session and share what you know with the class, as you never know if someone could use what you know to help them understand.

  • Take what you learn in the sessions and apply any useful methods to your own studying.

  • Be Responsible for your learning.


You should NOT EXPECT the Study Leader to:

  • Re-lecture on the course material

  • Give you answers

  • Provide handouts or worksheets at every session



What should I bring to a Study Session?

Students are encouraged to:

  1. Bring any course related questions they may have to the session.

  2. Come prepared to work together and possibly at the board, as you make sense of the course material.

  3. Explore the subject matter of the course.

  4. Have fun learning the material.



What if the Study Leader doesn't attend the same lecture time that I attend?

Even if the Study Leader does not attend the class at the same time you do, you are still invited to come to the Study Sessions for your course.  If you need to know what time the Sessions are, you can contact the Study Leader directly or call 870-762-3104 to find out the place and time for each session.


Currently, Study Leaders only attend the focus classes located on the ANC Main Campus in Blytheville; however, all ANC students from any campus site are invited to attend the Study Sessions on the Main Campus.



Will attending a Study Session allow me to make up for a missed class?

No, but you are still invited to attend the Study Session after you talk to your instructor about what you missed in the class.  Should you miss class, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible to catch up on any assignments you may have missed.


The Study Sessions are not a means to make up for any missed classes.  Sessions are designed to cover difficult concepts from the most recent lecture and review.  Only the content from previous lectures that are relevant in understanding the material is covered in the session.



Will I receive extra credit for attending the Study Sessions?

Your attendance at the Study Session is purely voluntary.  We want you to take responsibility and ownership of your learning by taking advantage of the wonderful academic support services that ANC offers.


However, your instructor may choose to give extra credit for attending the Study Sessions.  Students should keep in mind that the ANC Tutoring Staff does not give extra credit for any courses and any agreement for extra credit is dependent upon the requirements placed by the instructor.



Is my instructor notified about my Study Session participation?

Students who attend a Study Session are asked to sign-in during each session.  The information from this sign-in sheet is used by the ANC Tutoring Staff to track participation in the program.  Instructors are never notified as to who does or does not attend a study session, except when extra credit is offered and for reporting purposes after the semester is complete.  Other than that, it is up to you if you wish to alert your instructor of your attendance in the sessions.






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