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Let Arkansas Northeastern College help you prepare!


Construction Technology Certificate Program

This one semester program is designed to prepare students for entry level construction jobs.  Students will learn the basics of construction safety, math, and power and hand tools.  Students will develop skills in construction welding, concrete finishing, rigging, and light equipment usage. The goal of the program is to help the student acquire skills that can be used to enter the workplace and be a versatile member of a construction team. Pending program approval, the Construction Technology curriculum will include courses in Construction Craft Skills, Oxy/Acety Safety and Orientation, and SMAW Partial Joint Penetration. Great new jobs are coming to this area. Let Arkansas Northeastern College help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to begin or advance in a construction career. For more information, contact Melissa Arledge at 870-838-2974 or .


Steel Industry Technology

The two-year, Associate in Applied Science Degree in Steel Industry Technology is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the steel industry or manufacturing processes that require specialized job and skill knowledge. This region has become a major source of steel related occupations and this degree will help facilitate entry or enhance promotional opportunities within the industry. Applied knowledge acquired through this program pertains particularly to steel-related industries, but also is relevant to any advanced manufacturing enterprise.  For more information, contact Melissa Arledge at 870-838-2974 or .



Welding is high demand and high skill occupation that can lead to a personal and financially rewarding career.  These skills are highly transportable in a high demand occupation, especially in the steel related industries of Mississippi County. The career pathway in Welding begins with a certificate of proficiency, which requires one semester of study to learn entry level welding skills.  These skills use the shield metal arc (SMAW) procedure in all four basic positions.  The second level of training, the Technical Certificate, requires two semesters of study to learn skills needed to start out as a general welder using SMAW as well as MIG and TIG processes in all four positions.  Individuals with this skill level could work as a metal fabricator, pipe fitter, or maintenance welder.  The final levels of training, the AAS degree, requires four semesters of study and prepares graduates to become job foremen or supervisors.  For more information, contact Melissa Arledge at 870-838-2974 or .


W.O.R.K. Program

The Workforce Orientation & Retraining Keys (WORK) Program is a 72 clock hour program designed to lift under-skilled, local residents living in poverty out of poverty. WORK participants will have the opportunity to earn participant incentives up to $250 during training to help remove barriers to employment, such as funds to purchase work clothes or specialized footwear. Completers of the WORK program will have the opportunity to obtain a certificate of WORK completion, a 10-hour OSHA certificate, an American Heart Association CPR card, a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), and job interview opportunities with local employers. Interested in the W.O.R.K Program, contact Michael Smith at 870-780-1270 or




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