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The Associate of Arts Degree is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree and transfer to a senior institution.  The Associate of Arts Degree requires successful completion of 60 credit hours with a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA and a "C" or above in English Composition I (EN12003), English Composition II (EN12013), and the degree math requirement (MA14043 College Algebra or MA14123 Quantitative Reasoning).


Students planning to complete graduation requirements at the end of any given semester will be required to file an application for graduation with the Registrar's Office no later than the end of the 6th week of that semester.


* NOTE:  Students must earn a "C" or better in English Composition I, English Composition II, and College Algebra to receive an Associate Degree from Arkansas Northeastern College.



Institutional Learning Outcomes

General education is the broad knowledge, skills, and attitudes that all graduates of ANC should possess.  For the AA Degree, all the general education core courses are approved for inclusion in the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's Course Transfer System (ACTS).  ACTS provides information regarding the guaranteed transfer of courses between Arkansas public colleges and universities and is located on ADHE's website.


ANC's Institutional (general education) Learning Outcomes, approved by the faculty, ANC Cabinet, and Board of Trustees, outlines these specific outcomes achieved by graduates through the completion of any associate's degree.  View the institutional (general education) learning outcomes.



Program Outcomes:

  • Develop an organized written or oral response with a thesis (focus), detailed support, and concluding information, responding to a prompt or choice of topics, while demonstrating standard grammar, usage, and mechanics.

  • Demonstrate appreciation of theatre, music, and the visual arts, using critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication with others.

  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire, apply, and synthesize knowledge while developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills.

  • Identify and analyze present and historical factors which shape the development of individuals, communities, cultures, and societies, as well as, the range of methods used within the social sciences.

  • Identify and analyze key dimensions of behavior, the multiple interacting forces that influence behavior, and the processes used by social scientists to describe, explain, and predict behavior.

  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of exercise physiology, wellness principles, food chemistry/nutrition, and physical activity skills related to personal health and fitness.


Associate of Arts
Minimum Scores Required
  Math English Reading
ACT 15 15 15
Accuplacer 47A/37E 67 53
Next Gen 236Q 235 235



English Composition and Mathematics (9 HOURS)

Rationale: General education skills in writing and mathematics will provide students with the competencies that are required in academic and professional careers. To write and read competently in a critical and organized manner are necessities in the world of college and work. To perform computations, reason logically, and think independently are also essential skills that will aid the student in every college or career endeavor. Students must earn a “C” or better in English Composition I, English Composition II, and College Algebra to receive a degree from ANC.


English Composition (6 hours): (Grade of C or above in each)

EN 12003 English Composition I

EN 12013 English Composition II


Mathematics: (3 hours) (Grade of C or above)

MA 14043 College Algebra

MA 14123 Quantitative Reasoning


Natural Sciences (8 HOURS)

(A minimum of 4 semester hours of life science AND 4 semester hours of physical science.)

Rationale: The Natural Sciences provide the opportunity for the development of independent, creative, and logical thinking while enhancing one’s understanding of the effects of the sciences upon the individual, society, and the environment. The information gained from studies in the biological and physical sciences is based upon ANC Catalog 2015-16 77 acute observations, experimentation, and arriving at logical conclusions. The decision-making processes that are used daily in coping with life in a modern society are basically those practiced in all science classes. The historical development of this logical process is an integral part of each science class and, as such, provides the individual with a foundation for continued personal growth.


Life Sciences (Choose one)
BI 14033/14041 General Biology and Lab
BI 14053/14061 Botany and Lab
BI 14073/14081 Zoology and Lab
BI 24003/24011 Anatomy & Physiology I and Lab
BI 24023/24031 Anatomy & Physiology II and Lab
BI 24043/24051 Microbiology and Lab
Physical Sciences (Choose one)
PS 14003/14011 Physical Science and Lab
CH 14023/14031 General Chemistry I and Lab
CH 14043/14051 General Chemistry II and Lab
PS 24023/24031 General Physics I and Lab
PS 24043/24051 General Physics II and Lab
PS 14043/14051 Physical Geology and Lab


Fine Arts/Humanities (6 HOURS)

(Select a 3 semester hour integrative course and a 3 semester hour appreciation course)

Rationale: The Humanities provide an integrated view of civilization and society. The universal aspects of human emotions, self-preservation, and self-identity are studied as they have been expressed through the arts to supply answers to the basic questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Such study results in flexibility, tolerance, and acceptance of other points of view and allows students to see themselves and their time in perspective. The Humanities also develop appreciation for aesthetic and creative endeavors through active participation in the areas of art, music, and theatre.


Integrative (Choose one)
EN 22003 World Literature I
EN 22013 World Literature II
PH 22003 Introduction to Philosophy
Appreciation (Choose one)
AR 22003 Art Appreciation
MU 22003 Music Appreciation
TH 22013 Fine Arts Theatre


U.S. History/American National Government (3 HOURS)

Rationale: History and social sciences provide the student the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the essential worth of the individual person as a viable and active instrument of change, socially and politically, in the affairs of life. This can be accomplished through an integrated view of civilization, economic development, and social evolution.


(3 hours): Choose one.

HI 23003 The U.S. to 1876

HI 23013 The U.S. Since 1876

PO 23003 American National Government


Social Sciences (9 HOURS)

(Select 3 hours of World Civilization and 6 hours of Social Sciences not already chosen.)


World Civilization (3 hours): Choose one.

HI 13003 World Civilization to 1600

HI 13013 World Civilization since 1600


Social Science (6 hours): Choose two.

HI 13003 World Civilization to 1600

HI 13013 World Civilization since 1600

HI 23003 The U.S. to 1876

HI 23013 The U.S. since 1876

PO 23003 American National Government 

PY 23003 General Psychology 

EC 21003 Macroeconomics 

SO 23013 Introduction to Sociology


Institutional Requirements (7 HOURS)


Communication 3 HOURS

Rationale: Speaking, listening, and interpreting competently are necessary skills for the successful communication of ideas. This course provides a firm knowledge of how people send, receive, and perceive messages in everyday life.

SP 12103 Introduction to Communication


Physical Fitness and Recreation 2 HOURS

Rationale: Physical fitness and recreation provide students the opportunity to understand and participate in physical fitness and health maintenance while exploring the lifelong leisure and recreational options. Such opportunities help develop lifelong attitudinal and recreational skills for maintaining physical and mental fitness.

PE 17112 Fitness for Life


Academic & Career Enrichment 2 HOURS

Rationale: This course provides the necessary survival skills for academic and career success as well as lifelong learning. The course enhances the learning, success, satisfaction, retention, and graduation of college students.

PY 13002 Academic and Career Enrichment


Directed Electives (18 HOURS)

Select courses, not already taken, from the following areas to fulfill requirements:


Prefix Elective Credit
AN, AR, BI, CH, EC, HI, HU, LA, MU, PH, PO, PS, PY, SO, SP, GE, TH All courses with these prefixes are applicable.
EN Technical Communications may not be selected.  All other EN courses are applicable.
MA No Math Applications course not Math for Teachers I and II may be selected.  All other MA courses are applicable.
CJ Only CJ 15003 Intro to CJ is applicable.  No other CJ courses may be selected.







Summary of Associate of Arts Degree Requirements
General Education Core Requirements  
English Composition and Mathematics 9 hours
Natural Sciences 8 hours
Fine Arts/Humanities 6 hours
U.S. History or Government 3 hours
Social Sciences 9 hours
Institutional Requirements  
Communications 3 hours
Physical Fitness & Recreation 2 hours
Academic & Career Enrichment 2 hours
Directed Electives 18 hours




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